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Using Information Collected from You

By using our website, you may be giving us some information that we can use to better your experience. For example, if you sign up for our website and offer an email for updates about the latest casino bonuses, then we will receive certain information from you. In particular, we’ll see your IP address, email address, and first name which will be used to give you more customized and directed content. We’ll show you casinos that operate in your country instead of those that don’t accept people from your area. While the information is used to help us give you better content, some information we collect is also used to protect the site from malicious attacks through the internet as well.

ReviewOnlineCasinos collects the information from the users that are provided on our website by them. It gives us the right to use the details with your consent. We use information collected from you for the following:

How We Use Cookies?

Cookies are used by most websites in the present day. They let you have some pre-loaded data on the site so that you can access the web pages more quickly and to give you a more refined searching experience. These cookies can originate from the website itself or from our affiliated sites and social media accounts, but they’re there to give customers more from their gambling experience.

Cookies are the small pieces of data that is served on your computer that remembers what all you entered while browsing our website. So, our site uses cookies to improve the services we are providing to our customers. We also make sure to enhance our customer’s user experience. For example, our website will show you the latest information when you will return to our website based on your past searches. The users while using our website, are giving their consent to use the cookies. On the other hand, the users can also manage, disable or even delete cookies from the settings of their browser too. The only thing worth noticing is that the restriction of cookies can impact the functionality of the website.

Use of Your Personal Data

Protecting the information that you give to us is a vital task. As such, we’ve made it our mission to provide the utmost protection in the form of site encryption that will appear as a legitimate certificate when you’re viewing the site data. Moreover, we have secure interactions in place on our website, ensuring that anything you enter on the site is protected.

We collect and utilize your personal data in the following manner:

Contact Us

In the event that you need to contact us, you can reach out to us through the website and through our social media accounts. That way, you can get the latest information about the offerings that your favorite casinos have, tell us about what sort of content you want to see on the site, or report anything that seems unusual to us.

Users who want to get an in-depth insight into our products or services or for other related matters can contact us through our Email. You can call us or request a call back so that we can get back to you within a stipulated time.